Voynich Foldout Print

Voynich Manuscript Foldout Print


      24″ x 36″         35.99  + free shipping                                                    18″ x 24″          19.99$ + free shipping

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6x6 foldout

Full size reproduction

The Voynich manuscript is one of the most mysterious illuminated manuscripts ever compiled. Written in a lost language, scholars for years have tried to decipher the elusive language but have yet to tackle its complexity. The manuscript is made up of 208 pages of writings and drawings of various unidentifiable plants and astrological drawings. For sale above, is the largest fold out. Six full pages of intricate hand drawn 15th century mystery.

The print comes in two sizes 18 x 24 and 24 x 36.

For more amazing history on the Voynich Manuscript Click Here


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