Voynich Manuscript Reproduction Book

Voynich Manuscript, full size book 


6x6 foldout

Full size reproduction book

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                                                199.99   +  24.99 shipping to any place in the world!!!

                                                                      Free 24 X 36 large fold out!! for a limited time!!   (49.99 $ value)


The Voynich manuscript dates back from the early 15th century, with the true author still unknown. This magnificent piece of history is illustrated in a mysterious secret code which has been studied by British code breakers, cryptographers, and other professional all failing in attempts to decipher the document. 500 years to this day the manuscript remains a mystery to the world.

The original Voynich manuscript is made from vellum and we have taken great care to source the same materials to match authenticity. The script is printed directory from high definition scans of the original piece which our team took. Everything is hand stitched and bounded together with a single piece of hand picked leather, which may leave you confused to believing you have the original manuscript in your palms.

What it includes:

• 208 pages printed from high definition scans of the original

• 5 double-folio
• 3 triple-folio
• 1 quadruple-folio

We at Ambush Printing reproduce the Voynich manuscript by hand after receiving an order.

Visit our main website at apmanuscripts.com to see everything we make!




To the left is a picture of a finished Voynich Manuscript reproduction wrapped in leather.




49 thoughts on “Voynich Manuscript Reproduction Book

  1. OMG, I’ve been looking for a quality reproduction of the VM for years, and a friend of mine on FaceBook just told me about yours – it looks incredible (and as a book binder novice, I love that it is hand bound). I can’t wait to get this, every book lover, Borges fan, Codex Seriphinianus devotees, and just anyone interested in Mystery or the “Muse of the Odd” should get one of these! Thanks for making it available.

    • I also was looking for one for years when I failed, I made my own. I’m shocked at how many people are interested in a copy, to be honest I’ve been overwhelmed with orders. But I have hired one other person to help me (my sister) and it going great. My only problem is I have two sites, ambushprinting.com and my main site with all my other books and projects ambushprinting.squarespace.com
      Check out my other site too

  2. Hello! I am jighly interested in ordering this one but i would like to know will you be able to deliver it in Russian Federation? Another point is that can you please give me ebay link to make an order there? Thank you!

  3. Can I still order one of these? I have recently gained an obsession with The Voynich Manuscript and would love to purchase one.

  4. Im also very interested by this book, I was just wanting to know if the book contains all 250ish pages or is it just the foldouts listed??

  5. I bought the illuminated manuscript replica on ebay for 199.99. The 6 page large foldout is part of the book I purchased right? That’s the coolest part of the book to me and I would be upset if It wasn’t in there.

  6. Hi I am interested in Copy in your copy of the Voynich manuscript, including UK price,any info greatfuly recieved.

    Best wishes Danny N

    • Hello, thank you for your interest. For more info please go to apmanuscripts.com to see all the info and pricing for your country upon checkout. It should be about 35 usd for tge uk.

      Patrick Broughton
      Ambush printing

    • Hello,
      They look even better in person! I have my main site at apmanuscripts.com if you would like more pictures or you can see what else we have. Shipping to Norway will be 40 USD. The total will be about 240 for everything.


  7. Thanks for your quick reply. With the tax on packages (includes shipping costs as taxable) in Norway, it comes to 300. I will probably have it sent to a uS friend next time I visit the states… Super exciting work you do, and very important.

  8. I’m hoping very soon to order the full Voynich manuscript; are there any delays in production? Wasn’t sure if you were running a week to make them as your March 7, 2015 message shows.

  9. I live in the UK and have this very minute ordered one of your copies.how long will it take to arrive.many thanks. Mark

  10. Hello, I want to order this book, but I want to know in how much time it can be delivered in Bucharest, Romania.
    Thank you

  11. Thank you for the very quick answer.
    Unfortunately I need it by 4th November as I would love to offer it as a present to somebody very close to me. If you have any possibility to achieve this term, then please let me know.

  12. Hello, I’m located in Anaheim CA…I’d like to purchase the Voynich Manuscripts, do you make them to order? Just curious on how long it be roughly until I would receive the Manuscript. Also amazing work, definitely a work of art and worth every cent.

  13. Hi there , was humbly wondering if any possible markdown for cancer patient, ucla alum in arts for English, writer and teen recipient of Presidential Academic Achievement award. Not only do I want to crack it, it may help me get through treatment. Thank you anyway

  14. Good day!
    My name is Nikolai.
    To a question about the key to the Voynich manuscript.
    Today, I have to add on this matter following.
    The manuscript was written no letters, and signs for the letters of the alphabet of one of the ancient languages. Moreover, in the text there are 2 more levels of encryption to virtually eliminate the possibility of computer-assisted translation, even after replacing the signs letters.
    I pick up the key by which the first section I was able to read the following words: hemp, hemp clothing; food, food (sheet of 20 numbering on the Internet); cleaned (intestines), knowledge may wish to drink a sugary drink (nectar), maturation (maturity), to consider, to think (sheet 107); drink; six; flourishing; growing; rich; peas; sweet drink nectar and others. It is only a short word, mark 2-3. To translate words consisting of more than 2.3 characters is necessary to know this ancient language.
    If you are interested, I am ready to send more detailed information, including scans of pages indicating the translated words.
    Sincerely, Nicholas.

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